Living With non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

In 1995, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Since then I have also experienced multiple relapses. And, while being treated for my third relapse, I learned about Epilepsy.

I am sharing my story with you to help you gain a clear understanding about what a cancer patient and their loved ones go through. Many people are diagnosed each day with some form of cancer. I think there is one common thought that goes through each person’s mind when they hear that word. It is, “What is going to happen to me because of this disease?” As a friend of mine put it, while he was lying in a hospital bed waiting for test results to come back, “There are so many things I keep thinking about—and all of the unknowns.”

Only a person who has experienced the impact of being told they have cancer can truly understand all the emotions and fear that word causes in their life. And only those of us who can tell our story will make it possible for you to get a glimpse of that impact. That’s why I want to take this opportunity to share with you how I felt, what I went through, how I learned to ask for help, and how I learned to take care of myself. In my case, I am one of the people who got to hear some good news too. It was wonderful to hear my doctor tell me the chemotherapy treatments were working!

In my book Once Was Not Enough I told about my life leading up to my original cancer diagnosis and how it devastated me. I also shared information about my first two relapses. Then, just as I was finalizing the manuscript, my third relapse was diagnosed. I added those details in an Epilogue – Life Will Go On.

As I closed the story I was waiting on test results to find out whether or not the initial treatments for the third relapse had worked. But without those results, and a deadline to deliver the final version of the manuscript to my publisher, I simply ended the story by saying, “I am anxiously awaiting the results of my next blood tests and CT scan.” A lot has transpired since the book was published. I have created this website so I can tell you “The Rest of my Story.” Daryl