On The Road

Now it’s time to switch gears and focus on a new goal. Let me explain.

After months of tests and appointments with a goal of identifying the best plan of attack for Mr. “C” things have finally gotten started. When I walked into the hospital yesterday, to get my up-to-date PET-CT scans run, it was overwhelming while at the same time a relief. New scans were necessary to pin down exactly where the cancer is so my new treatment regimen can begin.

Next on the agenda is a Radiation Therapy Simulation. That process will be done tomorrow to get everything lined up there. My schedule will be planned and I will know how this portion of my treatment regimen will work.

When the exact radiation schedule is in place I will call my oncologist with the date I start so I can get the chemotherapy regimen scheduled as a combination with radiation.  The regimen will be Rituximab at the appropriate intervals while I am receiving radiation treatments.

While I am anxious to get the actual treatments started I am also nervous since I have never had radiation treatments before. And, as always for a cancer patient, one cannot think about the question: “Will this treatment regimen work?”

All I can contribute to the equation is to be there with a positive attitude, faith that God is in control and know with certainty that he has a unique plan for me. Many people have prayed with me that I will hear the word remission again very soon. So today I am focused on the fact that I am starting a new mission to help other people learn from my medical experiences. That’s really all I can do.

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