Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

During the past year I have learned a lesson that I thought I had already learned. I thought I had a good handle on my cancer case and that I could handle whatever I had to deal with. I thought I had a medical team that was on top of everything. I thought I could make adjustments when they were needed. I learned some new lessons!

Now that I have a refresher course I realize that I had forgotten how proactive I need to be with my medical care. I let a lot of time go by without being a squeaky wheel so I could push things down the road a little faster. They say the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. (Who knows for sure?)

One of the basics of everything for me is to maintain a clear focus on the big picture, the end goal I am working towards. The past six months caught me standing behind several trees that kept me from seeing the problems with the long-term plan. I hope I learned my lesson!

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