Say “Hi” – It makes a difference

It amazes me how people today just look down and never recognize the other people they pass throughout their day. Earlier this morning I was at the hospital to get a test run. And just seeing the people there that have run many other tests for me over the years really made that process easier for me.

I am always excited to see those folks because of their personalities and their caring and kindness when they see me. Even the technicians that aren’t running my tests see me and stop by to say hi and ask how things are going. Just them saying hi to me or me saying hi to them seems to make all of our days cheerful.

After all saying hi to another human being means we recognize someone else and make time to show them we care. That was what I experienced today – people who care!

Thank you, to the folks in nuclear medicine, for caring for me over the years. And especially for always taking the few seconds it takes out of your day to say hi to this person traveling through your world. You all make my journey so much easier.

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