Doctors Visit

All in all my doctor’s appointment on Thursday went pretty good. I woke up that day up beat and excited that the day had finally come. All of the sudden later that morning my mood changed dramatically and I was really bummed out. Even after seeing the doctor I wasn’t up beat at all. I know there are ebbs and flows to my days but I sure like feeling upbeat instead of the other way.

It was finally time to head out to the cancer center for my blood test and to see the doctor. After the blood test was drawn I was taken immediately to the examination room. I was pleasantly surprised to meet the new nurse practitioner that had joined the team. She had just recently moved from the BMT team to the hematology team.

Everything seemed to be ok after the radiation treatments were completed. My blood tests didn’t show anything to be concerned about.

Now it’s time to wait a few weeks then have new PET and CT scans done to find out where things are at with Mr. Tumor who invaded my body. This will also give us a baseline before I start the new chemo pill on a daily basis along with Rituxan on a weekly basis.

While I was there I mentioned I had been experiencing a dry mouth and the diagnosis was Thrush. Now I have a prescription for an oral medication that I swish around in my mouth three times daily the spit it out. More to remember….

My doctor and I also had a discussion about the new Revlimid chemo pill I will be taking. He explained that we would have to adjust the dosage then evaluate if it was working for me. The statistics are 40% of the time it does. And he also told me if it worked I would stay on a maintenance dose until the cancer comes back. Not especially news I wanted to hear, but that’s the way it goes with follicular non-Hodkin’s lymphoma.

The appointments are all made:

  1. PET-CT scans 2/8
  2. Lab and appointment with Dr. Reyes
  3. Follow-up with Dr. Wang to close out my radiation treatment regimen

I’m glad for the break so I can enjoy not running to and from my medical team (sounds like their mean!).

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