Retired – A Major Milestone

Retirement_Luncheon_1-20-13This wonderful group of people turned out for my retirement luncheon at Manny’s Mexican restaurant on Thursday, January 30, 2013. I only wanted the coworkers that I had worked with for many years, my current supervisor, and my retired supervisor. After lunch I was presented with the customary plaque stating that I was being recognized on my retirement date for my years of service (over 26). My supervisor gave me several wonderful compliments on my work. Then I thanked them all for supporting me through my entire career, especially the times I had been off for treatments, and while I was reentering my position after the treatments were completed.

There were only three of us left out of five that I started with when I took the position back in 1990. The other people have been with us for a long time; most recently our new supervisor.

In case you are having trouble finding me in the photo I am the guy in the back row with the dark blue shirt on. My beautiful bride is standing right in front of me.

Lots of wonderful memories with people I truly appreciate. Thank you Mike, Marty, Ken, Bill, Jeff and Carla!

Most importantly, I must thank my beautiful bride for her love, care, and encouragement that kept me working through many rough years with cancer treatments. Only because of her did I get to realize retiring today. Thank you Love!

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