On Course

After I had finished my second cycle of Revlimid on 4/18/13, I had PET-CT scans and new blood tests run to get a grasp on where we were at in this new treatment regimen. The following week, on 4/25/13, I had an appointment with Dr. Reyes to get all of the results and to find out what my next steps were going to be. I am now on my third cycle of Revlimid with plans to complete a total of six cycles.

When I started working with Dr. Reyes the tumor that was growing on my psoas muscle was so large that he immediately got me started on radiation treatments. In addition, because of the size of the tumor and its aggressive growth, as soon as the radiation treatments were completed he got me started on the Revlimid chemotherapy treatments. These facts make it impossible to know for certain what the aftereffect of the radiation treatments is verses the actual results of the Revlimid treatments. However, the conclusion from the most recent tests is that there were no additional areas located outside of the highly localized area that is being treated, and the size of tumor that we have been targeting has gotten smaller.

Looking at the before and after pictures of the PET scan made a definite impact on my mind. What once looked like an out-of-control tumor that threatened to take over my body was now merely a little spot on the picture. Once again, I was experiencing being a recipient of prayer working on my behalf and not only hearing, but also seeing the results. I am very blessed!

During the past month I have also been easing back into an exercise routine in an attempt to get my body back into shape. My inability to do anything has definitely taken a toll on my muscle tone. I also hope to better manage my fatigue. And it helps my mental state to be more diligent at doing some things even though I am very limited.

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