Plan “A”


In December of 2006, I was told that the cancer was out of remission again. My doctor and I agreed to use the Rituximab regimen that had successfully treated my second relapse (recurrence). We immediately started that treatment regimen.

Rituximab Salvage Therapy Failed to Achieve Remission

In January of 2007, I was told that Rituximab had failed to achieve remission. This situation is called refractory, or in other words, the cancer is resistant to treatment. I had never been in this situation and it scared me!

My oncologist and I agreed that, once again, it was time for him to refer me to The University of Kansas Cancer Center to explore the options they had there. I was referred to the oncologist I had seen before.

As 2006, came to an end, and 2007 got started, I had no idea that the new year would bring with it some very challenging times. It was time for me to proceed to plan “B.”