Plan “E”


At this point in time I had experienced four treatment regimens that had failed to get the cancer into remission. I had also attempted to locate a donor so I could have a second transplant and that had failed. Relapse number three had proven to be more than I ever expected and my mind was certainly contemplating the possibilities that laid directly in front of me.

GEMOX-R Salvage Chemotherapy

  1. Rituximab
  2. Gemcitabine
  3. Oxaliplatin

But Wait — There’s More

While GEMOX-R chemotherapy initially appeared to have failed to achieve remission, after a while my medical case took an unexpected turn and my situation gradually improved — would the treatments ultimately work?

  • 2008 – GEMOX-R administered
  • Remission seemed impossible while the cancer was stable and not getting worse
  • 2009 – Looking for viable options
    • Applied for participation in a clinical trial — Wasn’t able to get in
    • Still working to control the Epilepsy caused by a chemo agent I was given in late 2007
    • The plan was to merely “Watch and Wait” while uncertainty loomed
  • 2010 – Things remained stable so we continued to “Watch and Wait”
    • June, based upon blood tests alone I was told they were “Cautiously Optimistic” that I was in remission – Wait three months and run a full set of tests again (blood tests, PET and CT scans to confirm remission
    • September, based upon a full set of tests I was told that I was “In Remission.” However, the plan was to wait yet another three months and do another full set of tests to make sure nothing changed.
    • December, it was “Confirmed that I was in Remission”
  • We turned the page to 2011 thankful that God had answered many people’s prayers