Teamwork Pays Off

This story came to life because of my desire to help people learn the truth about living a healthy life-style. I also decided that people needed to learn about cancer from the perspective of a cancer survivor who has first-hand experiences with this disease. Only people who have actually walked in the shoes of a patient during any health crisis can explain the details of that experience. Our lives are very different than other people who often take for granted the little things we hold very dear to our hearts. I never dreamed of becoming a journalist or an author, but several people seemed to nudge me in that direction. They are the ones who gave me confidence to take the baby steps toward writing my story about living with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

It was shortly after a friend passed away from a different type of cancer than I have that I started to think about this project. He lost a very long battle trying to save his life. I was talking to his brother who was a retired journalist and suggested that he consider writing his brother’s story. The response Bill Mullins gave me was that perhaps I should write my story since I am personally going through the experience. That was the very first seed that was planted in my mind about this mammoth project.