Excerpt from Once Was Not Enough

Chapter 25 – My Faith Helps Me Through the Tests

At this point in my story about my experiences with cancer and chemo I hope I have made it very clear that it’s not about me at all, but rather it’s about my belief in a supernatural being, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the creator of the universe, and the God who loves me and you. It is simply because I learned about God at an early age and learned about his love for me that I can talk to you about hope and trust. I think by now you have enough information about me, and how God has worked on my behalf throughout this cancer experience, that you can realize this is not just a story with no point to it. It’s the real deal and it has been a tough journey. But the journey has been worth every second of the time I have spent gaining the experiences I have to share with you. I trust that my story will help you in some way.

It is my belief that once I made a decision at age eight to believe in God and to accept the fact that he loved me so much that he literally sent his son to earth to save me that I was prepared for the life I live because of that decision. While I do make mistakes along the way, and have made more than my fair share of bad decisions, there has always been someone in my court making sure things turned out the right way. That person has been God. He not only wanted me to survive hard chemo, and wanted to spare me from a very difficult procedure; he also wanted me to go back to my life to show his power. You see I trust God with each and every second of my life today, more so now that I have the experiences with cancer and chemo and bone marrow biopsy tests. His word has proven true and the trust he taught me about as a young boy has stood the test of time as well. Question – Would you please look for the truth?

If I may be so bold here I would like to ask you a question. Would you please consider what you believe and make a decision to look for the truth? I would be very blessed if my story helped you learn the truth about faith, and if you decided to put your faith in God like I have. Please think this over.