Not Panic — Just Action

During my routine doctor’s appointment on December 6, 2006, Dr. Kashyap gave me the results of my latest round of tests. The news that day was that the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was active inside my body again. That day I was diagnosed with my “third” recurrence. When I left his office we had a plan to use RITUXAN (a targeted therapy) again because it had worked for me in the past.

In order to get things moving my beautiful bride immediately got to work with my healthcare insurance provider. She found out that in fact, it would be possible to get RITUXAN through our mail-order prescription provider’s specialty division. It could be shipped directly to Dr. Kashyap’s office. This let us get started with my treatments earlier than we had initially planned.

After the RITUXAN was ordered and Dr. Kashyap had it in his office, he scheduled all of my infusion appointments in his office like he had done before. This made me very comfortable as I started the treatment regimen again.

Treatments for Recurrence Three Begin

Since I had treated with Rituxan before without any complications I knew what to expect. But, just in case anything had changed, my Chemo Nurse (Nancy) took all of the precautions. I was very blessed not to have any complications and the treatment regimens all went as they had in the past.

List of Events

  1. December 5 — See Dr. Kashyap for exam and test results
  2. December 20 — Rituxan Treatment One
  3. December 27 — Rituxan Treatment Two