My Most Difficult Decision

After approximately one-year of salvage chemotherapy had failed to get my third recurrence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma into remission, I faced uncertainty. It had proven to be much more difficult to deal with this cancer than before. This started me down a very long detour in my life, which would take me to places I had never dreamed I would visit.

As 2008 dawned, I faced a completely new battle against the third recurrence of this cancer. I faced a very long journey and learned more about trusting medical professionals than I had in the past. This treatment regimen was much more difficult than anything I had ever faced in my life. Again, I was scared to death!

I must be honest and tell you the only way I could focus on doing this regimen was to dig deep down into my heart and soul. I had to remember that I had faith in a person that had total control of everything (I don’t mean any human being). When I did that I was reassured that I wasn’t merely on my own. It was time to start that battle and hold onto my faith like I had for all of the years I fought this cancer.

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