Ups and Downs

Prepared for Total Body Irradiation PET and CT scans results showed a couple of small tumors.

Unforeseen Loss

I lost my donor to unforeseen circumstances and was placed on the emergency BMT list (there were a few people that were close matches, but none that would work).

Time for a Second Opinion

I went for a second opinion about getting the mini-transplant. I was told:

  1. Take my time to ask questions and gather information then make wise and well informed decisions.
  2. Look into a trial at KUMED.
  3. Consider going to The University of Nebraska Medical Center.

After reviewing all of the information with Dr. McGuirk I was comfortable with the information that Dr. Skikne gave me. His advice gave me confidence that I didn’t have to panic. I had time to consider all of my options.

Decision Time

I wasn’t at all interested in going to the University of Nebraska Medical Center even though it was highly recommended. My decision was based upon the fact that KUMED had taken care of me thus far and I wanted to place all of my trust in them.

The Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Medical Technicians from all of the departments I had worked with, were the best of the best. I had a built a trust factor with them and I didn’t want to let that go.