Just When I Thought I Was Making Progress

It turned out to take longer than I had expected to get the seizures under control. Just as I got adjusted to the medications, and became more confident that the seizures were under control, I started to make some changes. My goal was to try to do some additional things that I hadn’t done for a long time.

The Start Of A Wonderful Summer

In March of 2010, I got my first PET and CT scans after waiting for six months from my last set of scans. For me this was a huge accomplishment because that meant I was getting better! In fact, the results came back showing improvement over the last tests. I was ecstatic!

With that good news I decided to test my ability to navigate the hurdles of going outside of my comfort zone. For the very first time in many years I decided to attend several training sessions in a classroom setting. The schedule for the classes was broken up over several weeks so I didn’t have to go out everyday. That gave me time to recuperate between classes.