Time To See My Neurologist

Since I didn’t have any control over seizures I had, nor did I have any control of the doctor that came to my hospital room to evaluate me, I was pleasantly surprised the first time I got to meet my new doctor. I wasn’t exactly able to meet her the first time!

How about a side story: The doctor that came to the hospital room to see me wasn’t my doctor; if I understand correctly she was a resident studying under my doctor. We more or less “got” to see Dr. Nancy (that’s what I call Dr. Nancy Hammond) by accident. I am sure glad we did!

Over the years I had built a rapport with Dr. Nancy and her entire staff. But I have to tell you that it was almost more difficult to hear her tell me that I had Epilepsy than hearing my oncologist tell me I had lymphoma. Then she explained the definition of Epilepsy and put my mind at ease.

This visit was to evaluate me after the adjustments that had to be made to my medications. I was pleased that my evaluation was good and to have made the progress I had made. It had been approximately four months since my last seizure.