Emotional Roller-coaster

I don’t know if you, someone you love, one of your family members, or a colleague that you are close to has ever experienced a catastrophic event like cancer. If so, you may be able to relate to the roller-coaster ride it brings along with it.

At this point you are aware that I am a long-term cancer survivor who has experienced many ups and downs. I have logged countless hours in waiting rooms, in examination rooms, and undergoing test procedures (diagnostic or routine follow-up) for the situation I was in at that time. Then, on top of all of that, I have spent countless hours talking with doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other medical professionals. The goal has always been to appropriately manage my medical situation. Often this has been merely to hear results and other times I have had to work with my doctors to plan the next course of action.

During 2012, I was once again launched into a whirlwind tour of the medical world with yet another relapse. This time, even after many years of experience, I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. Once again I had to navigate territory with facts, emotions, my perspective, and trying to understand what the medical professionals were in fact communicating to me.

I have explained the puzzle I had in front of me, how things affected me, and what went on during the year. I pray the information will help you in your life.

Additional details are provided for each month under 2012.

You will also find some entries for 2012 in the Diary