My Life Requires a Team Effort

Throughout my life I have learned that I cannot do anything by myself. After I learned this lesson I was able to see that everything I have accomplished in my life was because of a team effort — I didn’t do it alone — It took a lot of special people — It took God to give me the wisdom and the strength to get it done. And, as I face the future, I know it will continue to require a team effort to help me navigate the things to come.

One of my oncology nurses wrote a poem for me that I hold dear to my heart. It reinforces for me how “every aspect” of my life requires a team effort!

Fear not the Journey

Without darkness;
there can be no light.
Without light;
there is no insight.
Light may come from above,
or just knowing the fact
that all will be done.
A team’s approach is how it should be.
Each doing their part;
not just me.
I must always remember that I am not alone.
As I take this journey into unknown.
 By: Nancy Ann Witten, RN, OCN