2012 – Relapse #4

2012—Fourth recurrence diagnosed

After completing my routine tests (blood tests, PET and CT scans) I was told that there was a serious change in my scans. It appeared that the cancer was out of remission and active again.

The recommendation from my oncologist was to have surgery and obtain a tissue sample for biopsy so we could determine what needed to be done. The concern was the possibility that the cancer had transformed into another type and I needed to be aggressive to get it under control.

Based on my history I determined that I wanted to wait 90 days and have all of the tests rerun so they could be compared with the original ones. My oncologist agreed that it was my decision and that we would take that approach.

When the new tests were run they led to some new questions and additional tests to validate to the best of our ability what was going on and what needed to be done. I have provided the details about what transpired under “Journals (2012).”