Perhaps My Last REVLIMID Treatment

  1. January 2, 2014 – Labs, see Dr. Reyes, Rituxan, Start REVLIMID cycle #12
  2. January 30, 2014 – Labs, see Dr. Reyes, Start REVLIMID “Maintenance” dose

I was ecstatic when Doc explained what we had accomplished over the past year. The 12 cycles of REVLIMID he had planned were finally completed and I was all set to start on the maintenance dose we had talked about several times before.

Change Is A Good Thing

While I was going to start the new maintenance regimen I still had those PET/CT scan tests scheduled to see how things were going. Waiting for the test results are the most difficult part of this process so having the tests scheduled shouldn’t bother me too much. I’ll just focus on the new regimen and how happy I am to be getting an opportunity to make the change.

There are several differences in the way the “treatment” and the “maintenance” regimens are administered. One huge difference: I don’t have to go to the cancer center for Rituxan treatments as often now. Hooray! The Lab work is still run on a fairly tight schedule and that’s OK, because I can get in, get my blood drawn, and get out much faster than I can when I have to get the Rituxan administered.

Something To Look Forward To

I feel excited because it actually feels like I am making progress now! When I left Doc’s office this time, having new instructions and a maintenance regimen all in front of me, it seemed to calm me. Once again, I had something to look forward to! I hope sincerely that it’s good news!