Taking A New Approach

With the results from the biopsy showing the new cell type, I was immediately started on three rounds of chemotherapy known as GEMOX-R. The goal was to get the cancer under control.

Time to be honest

The day I got the bad news I didn’t handle it so well. I had to leave the doctor’s office and take a walk, and talk to my nurses. One of the nurses I talked with is Julie (my nurse practitioner) and she can always help me focus. She asked me a few questions then told me I needed to read my book. Point well taken!

The second nurse was one of the BMT Coordinators Beth, who I found out that day would be taking over as my BMT Coordinator. She told me I knew the answers – I just needed to talk to my wife and make up my mind what I was going to do then do it. I finally got my emotions in check and focused on the work I had to do.


I started GEMOX-R chemotherapy at The University of Kansas Medical Center’s Cancer Center. I notified Doc and my BMT Coordinator, Beth, that I was a go for the allogenic BMT.