New Year Brings Additional Changes

It may be difficult for you to imagine how “routine” my routine had become over the past year. By that I mean it didn’t seem like I was making any progress in my treatment regimen. On several occasions I mentioned that to Deborah and she merely let me vent my feelings then pushed me on down the road. I’m not going to sidestep the issue here: It’s very difficult to be in a routine of regular cycles of chemotherapy!

A whole lot of what I do in life is tied directly to routine tests; especially, those PET/CT scans. And, as you have noticed, they’re typically 90 days apart so it doesn’t seem like things are moving very fast. I have tried to be alright with “stable disease,” while at the same time, I have continued to hope and pray to hear the word “remission” again.

My oncologist has talked with me about the possibility of me getting off of the treatment regimen and onto a maintenance regimen if my next scans indicate progress has been made. I’m excited about that possibility!

The next PET/CT scans are coming up real soon and I pray the results are good news! Perhaps the REVLIMID regimen has gotten the stable disease into remission?